Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Aimbot (BETA)

MW3 Aimbot XBOX 360 and PS3 Release news

Here is the first MW3 Aimbot release to come from the developer forums. As you can see from the video this is still in very early beta stages so this will be a public release for now until any problems are fixed.

For the XBOX 360 this is a SVG/Overflow hack so simply a case of transferring the downloaded SVG (Save Game) hack file to your console to activate the cheat. PS3 aimbot is still in development as it is very difficult to access the game code with it requiring FW 3.72. Some developers now have the PS3 True Blue dongle in hand so hopefully the PS3 release will be soon.

As for this version, all credit must go to forum member C0d3D34TH for the submission.

Heres what he has to say about the release

working today for you is my aimbot for mw3!!!! First be sure that this is BETA release. There are still problems with tracking and while its set to go for headshots at this time it is not 100% successful at this. So many body shots still but maybe that better for no detection im not sure. Try it out and see how it works for you post back please!  Please not asking on this thread how to install aimbot for ps3 only beta here -C0d3D34TH

Download HERE

MW3 Aimbot

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MW3 Hacked Lobby – 9999 XP – Rank up fast

MW3 Modded Lobby

How to host a modified lobby in MW3 (9999 XP Rank Boosting)

MW3 Hacked Lobby

Use a hacked/modded lobby to rank up fast on Modern Warfare 3.  All player receive 9999 XP per kill!

This is done through a SVG mod that at this time is still quite simple with the correct tools.

Forum member Krazer has uploaded a pdf tutorial on how to set up and start your own modified lobby with 9999 XP kills so that you can boost your rank to prestige quickly.

This guide applies to both XBOX 360 and PS3 versions of the game with some small differences between the different platforms.
Open the PDF file and click on your appropriate console to download the needed tools for the patching step.

Download PDF Tutorial HERE

Very easy rated tutorial this one if your looking to rank up fast then take advantage of this as it will be simple to fix with a game update.  Futher support can be obtained from the members forum.

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First Save Game (SVG) hacks (including Unlimited Ammo,Super Jump & Low Gravity)

This is the first working save game hack/mod released for Modern Warfare 3.  It has been released publicly by ‘coder123′ to all credit to him for his work.

This mod will give you unlimited ammo and the super jump ability along with a low gravity mod.

Download from the following link, change ID and start the game as normal.  Remember to backup your original save game incase something goes wrong and you cant revert back.

Download the SVG (Save game file) here

This hack is for campaign mode only at this time.  More information can be found in the developers forum.


Happy Jumping!

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Early release leak brings the first MW3 glitch video

Earlier the week the US retailer Kmart put the XBox version of Modern Warfare 3 on the shelves almost a week early.  While the store quickly realized its mistake it wasn’t quick enough as word spread quickly.  First signs were copy’s appearing on eBay with auctions popping up and getting taken down just as quick.  One desperate person is reported to have payed $1,725 to play the game a couple of days early.

Some turned their attention to the game itself and its thanks to them we have the first MW3 Glitch video released.

All credit to the original uploader check it out to see some safe spots where you can not die and other good spots found so far. Some of these spots are quite hard to get to as you will need to be of a decent standard of Strafe jumping


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Welcome to The release date of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is now fast approaching. Once again we will be witness to the gaming and hacking community pulling a game apart at the seams looking for new ways to exploit it. As with Modern Warfare 3 the first things to be found will be glitches. Remember it was only a matter of weeks before Elevators and the Javelin glitch were found in the previous game so how long until we have a whole new array cheats and glitches to keep even the most hardcore cheater happy.

Modern Warfare 3 Aimbot?

Glitches aside the holy grail of cheats for FPS games is of course the Aimbot. Within a month or so of MW3 being released we had the obligatory PC Aimbot but it was a little longer before console versions were reported to be used online.  the XBOX 360 came first to the Jtag owners and then shortly after that it finally made it over to the newly ‘jailbroken’ PS3 console.  The PS3 Aimbot was only live for a month or so until Sony re-secured their console with new keys.  However recently the inbuilt debug menu was discovered opening up a legitimate way of cheating on the console version of the game.   Can we expect similar time scale for the MW3 Aimbot?   Only time will tell.  One things for sure though as soon as something is discovered we will post it up here.

Modern Warfare 3 Glitches?

Heres where you come in.  If you do discover a new MW3 Glitch then please do join the forum and share your findings.  Once  confirmed any working Modern Warfare 3 glitch will be front paged immediately.




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